Husband Cheats with Helper and Gets Her Pregnant

A woman in her mid-thirties hit an iceberg in her relationship after her cheating husband impregnated the domestic worker. The 21-year-old helper initially lied about the husband fathering her baby, but when she was cast out of the marital home, all that was done in the dark quickly came to light.

The unfaithful actions of the husband were shared in a letter to Dear Pastor as the distraught wife sought advice on how to forgive her husband. The letter explains that the married couple has three children (all girls) and a helper from Clarendon. The helper was forced to return home when she became pregnant, as she could not confirm that her own boyfriend had impregnated her.

“She has a boyfriend, but she could not tell me when she got pregnant by her boyfriend. When I told her she had to leave, she called me a wicked woman,” the anonymous writer said.

Consequently, the pregnant mistress confessed to her mother that the husband was indeed the father of her baby. Meanwhile, the woman’s husband denied the allegations when he was questioned. However, when the wife sought answers from the helper again, she admitted to the affair and said they did not use protection because the condoms “itched her.”

The letter stated that the wife offered assistance to the mistress, providing everything she needed with the money she demanded from her husband. He gave her the money in an effort to silence her so that his superiors and organisation remained unaware of what happened.

According to the writer, the helper initially did not wish to keep the baby. The wife subsequently spoke to her attorney and decided to adopt the infant, but that became impossible since the boy’s birth because the mother refused to follow through with giving the child up for adoption.

The baby was described as “pretty,” with his father’s light complexion. Apparently, after he arrived in the world, the wife ceased sending the new mother money since she only seemed to want money.

Comparing herself to the helper, the writer shared that she is in good shape without sagging breasts or a big tummy. Furthermore, the mistress is uneducated.

The affair under her nose has completely destroyed the trust she had for her husband, and while he makes a great effort to fix what is broken in their marriage, she harbours hatred for him. The husband has since told her it was a mistake and asked for her forgiveness without “any remorse,” which makes it difficult for her to forgive him.

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