Wife Mows Down Husband and Mistress With her BMW – Watch Video

During a court case in Australia, the jury saw the footage of an enraged wife slamming her White BMW SUV into her husband and his mistress.

The footage depicts Christie-Lee Kennedy’s husband, David Larkin, and his mistress, Zowie Noring, standing next to a car in the Brisbane suburb of Wavell Heights. The pair embraced and kissed, this was when Christie-Lee came speeding down the road in her BMW SUV.


After mowing down the two, Christie-Lee attacked her husband’s girlfriend by punching her in the head. Shortly after, Christie-Lee is seen reentering her car and driving off, but she later returned to her husband, who was in pain on the ground, after Zowie, who sustained leg injuries, left the scene in her car.

Christie, 38, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court last month to dangerous driving. The mother of two was found not guilty of two counts of malicious acts with intent to disable.

The initial ruling from the judge outlined that Christie should serve nine months behind bars, but the punishment was suspended, and she was ordered to pay $5,000 each in compensation to her now ex-husband and Zowie, who are both still happily dating.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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