Car Accident Along Moutain View Ave in Kingston Caught on Camera – Watch Video

An accident involving a Probox taxi driver and a Mark X driver along Mountain View Avenue, Kingston, was captured on camera. Generally, after an accident, witnesses try to determine who was wrong. However, in this case, both drivers seem to be in the wrong.

Video footage shows a seemingly empty roadway, then appearing out of nowhere, a Mark X vehicle travelling at high speed in its designated lane. Meanwhile, up the road where the Mark X car was heading showed three vehicles. One of the vehicles turned onto another road leaving a Probox taxi and another motorcar, which was ahead of the Probox at the time.

The driver of the Probox taxi decided to overtake the vehicle ahead of him, which put him in the same lane as the speeding Mark X, which eventually crashed into the Probox head-on.

Another video of the scene showed the aftermath of the accident displaying the demolished cars with what seemed to be blood inside the crashed vehicles. Meanwhile, a lady was hand lifted from the scene as she cried with blood all over her face. The unidentified woman was clearly traumatized and in shock and had injuries.

Police were on the scene by this time while traffic piled up on the roadway as the crashed vehicles were in the middle of the road blocking the road and resulting in car horns going bonkers. Bystanders and residents, some of those who witnessed the accident stood around the cars trying to identify the drivers.

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The video was shared to Instagram by this_is_a_blast with the caption, “5/3/23 #Accident 🇯🇲 #Jamaica.”

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See the video below:

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