Husband Gets Wife’s Niece Pregnant

Friday, October 27, 2023, 12:18 PM

There are many different trials and tribulations that married couples face, and some are so devastating that the end result is divorce or separation. While the thought of separation had crossed one woman’s mind after her husband molested and impregnated her niece, she ultimately chose to forgive her husband and save her marriage.



The woman wrote a letter recounting the horrible incident that unfolded inside her marital home when her 18-year-old niece was visiting them for a short time. She recalled that when she returned home from a function, she found her niece crying. Afraid to say what truly happened, the teen told the woman that she was thinking about how hard life was, to which the woman offered comforting words and promised to help her.

“When I told my husband that my niece was crying, he said she would get over whatever was bothering her,” she wrote in the letter to Dear Pastor. The letter also noted that the husband told her niece that his wife would not believe her if she told her.

It was not until the following day that the teen girl, who was described as a wonderful and decent girl, told her aunt what had happened through tears.

“She said my husband forced her to have sex with him, and that was the first time she was having sex,” the letter continued.

Learning that her husband raped her niece and took her virginity, the woman was enraged and confronted her partner about the matter. The writer said she threatened to leave her husband, and he begged for her forgiveness on his knees. The situation became physical when she took a mop stick and attacked him with it, beating him over and over until her niece told her to stop.

“He asked me to forgive him and said it was the first time he cheated on me, but he regretted it,” she wrote.


The anonymous writer explained that she forgave her husband only after recalling the advice Dear Pastor had given to others in the past. However, she withheld sex from him for six months, during which he cried and begged for it, and even though she wanted him, she refused.

The letter went on to say that her husband turned his life around by becoming a Christian and attending church with her. Regardless of this, she does not trust her husband around any female, whether relative or not. As for the niece, who is now attending university and continues to receive her aunt’s assistance, she has kept the incident a secret as per her aunt’s request.


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