Husband Visits Jamaica to Kill Wife because?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 4:28 PM

[Sharingbuttons]Moelyn Williams Topping “Aunty Moy” who lived in South field St. Elizabeth, was ambushed by her husband, Henry Topping and shot several times, just as she started taking children to school one morning, He quickly left and went to the Norman Manley International Airport and was getting ready to board a flight to return to his home in America when he was held by the police.

She was pronounced dead when she was taken to the Black River Hospital.
Sources revealed that he came to Jamaica a number of years ago and got married to Moy, she went to visit him in the US in 2018 and realized that he was having mental health problems, she tried to get out of the marriage in October 2018, she left him and decided to stay in Jamaica.


A social media post that he wrote has given some insight into why he decided to kill his wife. He wrote this statement and how he felt about her words “Henry I am your missing rib”. He also stated in the post that “I know you may’ve said those words in joke fashion, LOL in retrospect, you were very serious as a matter of fact; but words are powerful honey, your words are prophetic, coupled with the fact that I live by your words. He went on to say he felt enslaved intimately, physically and emotionally. He also said he was coexisting with her against his will. He felt like he sold his soul to her. If they were to ever part their heavenly romance it had better til death do us part. This was happening in February 2018.

It seems as though it was a crime of passion, and the husband was not very ill mentally because he was able to plan the murder in a very efficient way. There has been a lot of these kind of murders in Jamaica.
The many children who depended on her, to take them to and from school and her relatives who were depended on her for help in many ways; are morning her loss.

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