Hydroxychloroquine Proving to be Effective as a Covid-19 Treatment

Reports are pouring in from around the world that the drug Hydroxychloroquine is being effective in treating coronavirus patients.

After it has proven to be effective , 78 out of 80 patients fully recovered from the disease after 5 days of treatment, doctors note that the 5 days recovery process is much faster than expected as patients were taking up to over 2 weeks to a month to recover. Currently, the drug is being used to treat over 800 hospitalized Covid-19 patients in France.


France is authorizing Hydroxychloroquine and it is extremely good at treating viruses, specifically coronaviruses. It allows zinc levels to shot up in healthy cells and this causes it to be impossible for viruses to take hold.

Hydroxychloroquine was used to treat Malaria before. Doctors in South Korea were the first to start using this treatment. Patients treated with it have recovered much faster and fewer persons die because of it.

A doctor treated 24 patients only 6 of them did not recover after 4 days. They had improved lungs and their recovery is dramatically sped up.

President Trump made efforts for the treatment to be used in New York, Louisiana is also set to receive hydroxychloroquine for a 6-week trial.

There is good news from France and South Korea, now there is hope that the drug will be used to cure the disease. It is now clear how powerful the drug is in treating the Covid-19 disease.



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