“I Don’t Care!” Silk Boss and Brii Give Details On Beaten in OnstageTV Interview – Watch Video

September 2, 2022 12:17 PM

The attack on Silk Boss that recently went viral seemed to be of no concern to him, but his girlfriend/manager, Sabreinna ‘Brii’ Williams, was still shaken by the ordeal.

After being beaten and robbed by his friends, his girlfriend urged him to channel that anger into his music, which birthed his soon-to-be-released single about the situation.


Brii explained to Winford Williams during an interview with Onstage that she was at her mother’s home at the time of the incident. She explained that she found out about it after it happened and rushed to Silk Boss, which seemed to have been when she was also assaulted. Further in the interview, she added that she was pushed down.

On March 22, Silk Boss, born Rohan Reid, dropped “Surgery,” which details friends betraying him, and now Silk Boss believes the single was foretelling this particular incident.

“Mi think mi a prophet cause a di ting dem weh mi sing bout, mi basically sing bout it before it happen and a mi it a happen to,” he said.

Silk Boss said that after being beaten by gang members who were initially his friends, he was robbed of 1.4 million, the cash he had intended to use to buy himself a new car. Nevertheless, he did not care about the ordeal anymore because he knew just how evil humans could be, which he pointed out is evident in his 2021 song, “Mankind.”

“Badmind and corruption real and mi is a youth weh accept mankind fi mankind,” he told Mr Williams.

When asked if he was seeking justice and taking legal action, Silk Boss confirmed that he did not report the matter to the police. Silk subsequently noted that he would not call the police, who had also not called him. In explaining why he was not pursuing legal methods, he said, “I don’t care…Mi just deh yah so a do me.”


He elaborated, saying he did not trust anyone because people lost their lives after going to the police, and the police were sometimes working with the same criminals who threatened their life.

He went on to add that he blamed himself because he was too generous, which made him fall into the trap. Furthermore, he did not intend to “lose sleep ova dem crawsis people deh” because he was focused on his girlfriend, who is expecting their first child.

Addressing the rumours of being connected to the attack, Brii asked why Silk Boss would stand by her if she was involved in the attack. She also questioned why she would plan for the father of her child to be attacked.


Brii mentioned that she got pushed down, which made no sense if she was behind it.

Regardless of what happened, the couple was looking ahead to the future, and music remained their focus.


On the topic of the lyrical shots he has been firing at fellow dancehall artiste Jahshii, Silk Boss confirmed that there was indeed a feud brewing between them because Jahshii was provoking him on the media. He said that if the ‘Born Fighter’ entertainer stopped calling his name, then he would also stop dropping diss tracks.

Watch the interview with Silk Boss and Brii below.

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