I-Octane Claps Back at Malie Donn “Mek Sure When Mi Buk Yuhh Yuh Bl**dcl**t Can Defend Yuh Self!” – Watch Video

Following the release of Malie Donn’s single Nah Forfeit, I-Octane clapped back at the artiste on Thursday, issuing a stern warning for the V6 deejay to be prepared the next time they meet face-to-face after he was seemingly dissed on the track.

Malie Donn debuted the music video for Nah Forfeit on Tuesday, with the artiste taking a suspected jab at I-Octane within the song’s explicit lyrics. “A wonda a who a gas him up, buy him a hot beer. Tyre buss inna di road di Benz nuh have spare [ … ] Mi nuh freak mi nuh octane. Mi fly a mi nuh got plane,” Malie sings on the single. 


Listen below:

Though it may be argued as a clever play on words by Malie Donn, I-Octane has already perceived the single as a direct diss and addressed the deejay in a video on his Instagram page. Referring to Malie Donn as a “cokehead,” I-Octane said the young entertainer had no respect despite being relatively new in dancehall.

I-Octane questioned if Malie Donn knew whose name he had called and advised him to do his research. The Lose a Friend singer then touched on Malie Donn’s recent brush with the law.

“Wul dung an tek, yuh nuh see seh a rape yuh charge fah likkle bwoy? Yuh nuh reach nuh weh ina yuh career an yuh charge fi bl**dcl**t rape,” I-Octane stated.


Malie Donn and members of his entourage were recently accused of sexual assault while in Barbados for Summa Fest. But the men were later cleared by the authorities following an investigation into the incident.

I-Octane went on to advise Malie Donn to be prepared to defend himself lyrically the next time they meet.

 “Mek sure when mi buk yuh, yuh bl**dcl**t can defend yuh self. And mi not even a talk physically, caw yuh cya even manage dat. Yuh cya manage my type a badness. Suh any weh mi buk yuh pan any stage, any weh, mi a bus yuh head,” I-Octane stated.

The artiste highlighted that while there were a few young artistes who showed respect, the majority, like Malie, lacked respect and thought that they could mess with him.

Watch the video below.


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