Malie Donn Speaks On Rape Allegations

On his way back from his stay in Barbados on Monday after visiting the country for the Summa Fest 2023 concert, Malie Donn and his associates were intercepted at the Grantley Adams International Airport on rape allegations.

According to reports, Malie Donn was awaiting his flight back to Jamaica when his party was approached by immigration officers who stated that they were wanted for questioning. It was stated that a woman reported that she was sexually assaulted and drugged when she went to a hotel to visit someone. This led to Malie Donn and his team’s arrest.

However after further investigations, they were released and Malie posted the following message to his Instagram account, “Respect to the Barbados 🇧🇧 Police for a good investigation 🙏 #believe #freedom.”


He also uploaded a video in which he stated, “Yeah man a dat dem wah see man…we love eh gal dem too much fi hurt eh gal dem man yuh hear dat. Some bwoi and some gal a dat unnuh well wah see.”

Watch the full video below:


Check out his live, talking on the matter below:

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