Malie Donn Bottled While Performing in Ocho Rios, Flings Microphone In Crowd In Retaliation – Watch Video 

In spite of Malie Donn’s status as one of the hottest dancehall artistes in 2023, he got a rude awakening when he was bottled off the stage at Teen Fete in Ocho Rios.

The V6 artiste did not take kindly to the person or persons who threw the bottles at him by throwing the microphone in the crowd where the bottles were coming from. What made it even worst was that Malie Donn was only seconds into his set when he had to retreat and take cover.

Malie Donn seemed to have the crowd in a frenzy at the event upon his entrance on stage which had a good size crowd based on video evidence. However, as he began performing his mega-hit V6, bottles came hurdling from a section close to the stage.

Following Malie Donn’s angry retaliation and his entourage safely ushering him off the stage, the event ended abruptly as chaos broke out. Patrons at the event can be seen scampering for the exit shortly afterwards.

Some of the patrons who expressed their disappointment at the incident also confirmed that at least one fight broke out in the aftermath, while some fans asked for a refund of their 3k.

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Subsequently, Malie Don took to Instagram with a statement for his fans and supporters by commenting, “To all my fans and supporters who came out to see Malie Donn, Our performance was cut short by unfortunate disruptions, and we Appreciate the support and turnout.”

See the video below:

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