Malie Speaks About Joining The 6ixx Camp, His Journey In Dancehall and Dealing With Anger Issues – Video

Young Dancehall artiste Malie Donn recently linked up with The Fix in an interview to tell them how things have been progressing since he joined the 6ixx camp.

Starting the interview the young deejay who is from Jones Avenue, Spanish Town says things all started for him musically when he moved to Waterford, Portmore and started to attend Bridgeport school.

Even though he was involved in track and field in High School, something he got into as a way to cool anger problems, the young entertainer said he loved music just the same and would go about to make his name within the secondary institution as an artiste as well, eventually becoming a role model and even a Student council representative.

Since then Malie Donn says he has been recording songs and chose music over tracks and education regardless of him claiming to have 12 subjects.

It was at the age of 19 after trying very hard to promote his music on the road that Malie says he was introduced to the 6ixx producers Automatic and Don Sky who gave him a chance at their riddims after hearing unofficial songs from him on their beats.

At that point, the young artiste says he was never affiliated with anyone else so it was easy for him to transition into the new group, and as a goal, he has it in his mind to change the way people look at the 6ixx based on things that happened with them in the past.

Watch the full interview below.

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