I-Octane’s Performance at Rebel Salute Cut Short After Calling Out PM Holness – Watch Videos

Dancehall artiste I-Octane had a short show at Rebel Salute after addressing the prime minister about issues affecting the poorer class. Rebel Salute, one of Jamaica’s biggest music festivals, was hosted at Plantation Cove, Priory, St. Ann, on January 20–21. 

Among the lineup of stars who took the stage was the Unfair Games singer. His performance included going down to the audience and closely engaging his fans, which was when he called out Prime Minister Andrew Holness.


“Mr Prime Minister, you feel like mi nuh like yuh too much. I know nothing about you, honourable Andrew Holness, personally, but yuh running my country, and when yuh mek a decision and poor people nuh involve, I have to talk,” he stated as he stood amid the crowd.

He continued by saying that many artistes grew up in poverty but did not speak out on such topics since they had elevated from the ghetto. However, regardless of any punitive measures taken against him, he will continue to criticise any decisions the PM makes if it did not benefit the poor.

His message was used as a gateway to his 2017 single One Chance, and then he went on to sing Paranoid, a 2022 song featuring fellow dancehall deejay Rygin King. As he continued to perform, he went on to sing Lose A Friend, during which his microphone was disconnected.

Nevertheless, he continued to sing along with the audience Accapella style before he eventually concluded his set. I-Octane gave more insight on the matter while speaking to Irie FM reporters at the venue.

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While explaining what a police officer told him, he said, “Him seh mi nah get nuh fahwod and mi a diss di prime minister and mi sure know mi a buss di place.” He also spoke against people supporting political parties with “die-hearted” devotion when they were not doing the country any favours.

Watch the videos of his performance and the interview below:

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