“i went to hell and back,” Jamie Foxx Talks on His Health Scare for First Time – Watch Video

Back in April, actor Jamie Foxx’s family revealed that the 55-year-old actor was hospitalized in Atlanta due to a medical issue. At the time of the actor’s illness, he was in the process of shooting a film in Atlanta, according to reports.

Despite images and footage of the movie star circulating online in recent times, confirming his recovery, Foxx did not publicly explain his situation until now.

In a new two minutes fifty-five seconds long video he opened up to fans and detailed as much as he could about the situation, he also used the opportunity to thank his family for being tight-lipped about the situation and fans for their prayers and genuine concerns.

“First of all i want to say thanks you to everybody that prayed mane and sent me messages… I went through something that i thought i would never ever go through,” states Foxx.

Watch his full statement video below:


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