“i will shoot you” White Suspect Threatens to Shoot Cops… Then Drove Off! – Video

Saturday, December 5, 2020, 9:30 PM

Bodycam footage released online shows a wild police stop that is crazy, to say the least.

“Put your hand on the steering wheel” states one police officer after which the suspect immediately replied “No”.


The man shortly after reached for his gun and threatened to shoot the cops if they violate his rights “you are violating my rights” states the suspect who demands the cop to let go of his hand, “you release me now” which the cop did.

The Suspect also told the Cops to conceal their weapons before he does as they command.

The cops asked the man please several times to “just relax”, the suspect’s reply was that his actions are a reaction to them pointing a gun at him putting his life in threat.

“Please step out of the car,” asked the police next, while the suspect who is still in the car replies that the cops are violating his right, before closing the door that one of the police did open and then said “i’m just gonna drive away, i’m not gonna bother anybody”.

The man then drove off!

This took place a couple days ago along a Highways in Ohio, USA, the incident took place with two police officers and a K9 dog.

Persons are reacting to the video pointing out that if it was a black person in the car, the outcome would have been different.

One person stated “A Black man would have been killed within the first couple of seconds/ minutes, especially if he didn’t comply, had a gun on the seat and threaten to SHOOT THE COP. Unarmed Black men and women who complied with orders from police have been murdered so many times it’s too many to count.”

Watch full video below.

In the end, the police chased down the man and arrested him, see his mug shot below.

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