Ice Spice Called-out for Wearing Up-side-down Cross and Showing ‘Devil’ Signs – Watch Video

New York Rapper Isis Naija Gaston who is more commonly known as Ice Spice is again being called out for her antics outside of music. Days after the Super Bowl, a provocative video clip of the 24-year-old is making rounds online and facing harsh criticisms.

In the video, she’s wearing an “upside-down cross” as a pendant and appears to show ‘demon’ signs at one point. As per social media personality Andrew Tate, The ‘Munch’ rapper has been showing ‘demon’ characteristics.

See the controversial video below:

“You can see demon if you pay attention,” says Tate while directing criticism at the female rapper, claiming that she is at the top for reasons beyond her “talent”.

“She is wearing a upside-down cross… She’s making devil symbols, what kind of clue you are looking for if those are not the clues you need?” he questioned at the end of his statement.

Most people(especially in the Western World) are of the view that upside-down crosses are worn by devil-worshipers, it is also believed to represent satanism.

Watch as Andrew Tate shares his views on the young entertainer’s gestures below:

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