Ice Spice Performs as Betty Boop in Extremely Short Dress – Watch Videos, See Photos

Sunday, October 29, 2023, 7:31 AM

Ice Spice has always been a controversial artiste since her breakout in music when it comes to risky fashion, and this time is no different as the Munch singer dresses up as a sexy Betty Boop in the spirit of Halloween.



Ice Spice threw in her signature red curls for a more old-school black pixie cut worn by the fictional character Betty Boop, who is often depicted in a short red dress and heels.

For her latest performance at the Powerhouse NYC concert, Ice Spice was dressed in a tight red dress that could not cover her butt, mesh stockings, and a garter with a red heart attached to her right thigh. The extremely short dress left her leopard print panties on display.


During her stage performance, the entertainer had to be continuously pulling the dress down but that did little to hide anything at all.

Watch the videos below:



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