Ice Spice Turning Heads with These Clips from Latest Performance – Watch Videos

Breakout up-and-coming American Rapper Ice Spice has stirred up a great controversy online after she was videoed performing on stage, seemingly without the security of any underwear.

Images, Gifs, and videos of the budding celebrity are circulating across the various social media platforms about the risky fashion choice, but many others are eating it up.

Born in the 2000s to the name Isis Naija Gaston, Ice Spice’s breakout single that put her on the map via social media was Munch (Feelin’ U) and the entertainer has gone on to collaborate with one of the rap community’s greats, Nicki Minaj for Princess Diana, as well as other well established artistes like Taylor Swift, who she recently joined on stage for their Karma collab

A video of the pantyless singer was posted to Twitter by Justwhodafuq with the caption, “ice spice was crazy for this 😵‍💫,” which featured the rising singer in a white cropped top and a very short skirt. When the artiste bent over, having to cover her private area with her hand, her seemingly lack of underwear became the talk of the town.

A second video shows the singer shaking her butt for the camera while sticking out her tongue.

The video of Ice Spice flashing the crowd has garnered over four million views, 5,643 retweets, and more than 61 thousand likes on Twitter.

Watch the videos below:

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