“I’m so Sorry… I will never do it again,” Man Issues Apology to PM Holness and MP Donovan Williams After Dissing Them in TikTok Skit – Watch Videos

February 13, 2023 10:52 AM

A video has been circulating on social media with a young man calling out the Prime Minister and the Member of Parliament, Minister Donovan Williams, who is responsible for his constituency.

In the video, while wearing a shirt with the Prime Minister’s face on the front, and holding a voting sign with MP Williams on the front, the individual ranted about how Williams was doing nothing to make his community better.


Posted by Hugh Richards on Twitter, the video was captioned, “Jamaica 🇯🇲 slowly but surely turning into a dictatorship under the leadership of prime minister @AndrewHolnessJM.”

“My bredda, mi nuh know weh labourite a do fi my community right now, cuh right yah now mi dark and fed up,” the man stated. Continuing, he identified himself as a taxi driver and complained about a police officer voicing that only $5000 tickets would be issued.

His community is located in the Kingston Central constituency and is governed by MP Williams, who was called an “eediat” and said to be doing “nuthn fi my community.” The rant, delivered with a multitude of expletives, then turned to Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister for the nation.

The PM, addressed as “dah one yah”, “mascot” and “clown” was verbally attacked for wanting to send Jamaican soldiers to assist Haiti. The man claimed that sending them to the neighbouring country would just cause them to be the target of obeah.

Vocalizing that he was given two tickets worth $5000 each, he said that it seemed that the government was forcing its citizens toward crime and threatened to “straighten the bloodc***t two a unnuh up”, because they were “f**king up.”

A follow-up video was posted with the same individual sometime after, looking docile in comparison to his loud demeanour in the first video, issuing an apology for his behaviour and the lies he told prior.


“Morning Mr. Donovan Williams and Morning Mr. Andrew Holness. I am so sorry for my indecent language and misbehaviour and I never drive a taxi before and I sorry bout what I done…I will never do it again,” he stated.

See the post and watch the videos below:

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