PM Holness Says He is Interested in Our Safety and Not The Money Attached to Road Traffic Violations – Watch Video

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 10:24 PM GMT-5

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has announced that he does not care about the money acquired from the new Road Traffic Act amid islandwide rage. There has been outrage nationwide regarding the enactment of the new Road Traffic Act, which motorists and civilians have denounced.

Among the many critiques that arise from the government’s regulations is the speculation that the government is using the Traffic Act as a revenue measure to take money from motorists. This broad conception has apparently reached the attention of PM Holness, and he sought to clarify what a majority of the nation was saying.


While tweeting a video in which he addressed the situation at a conference, he noted, “The argument that the fines attached to road traffic violations under the New Road Traffic Act, are excessive suggests the fines should be kept low, so they can be easily paid, and the bad behavior on our roads can continue.”

He made a second tweet, adding that the fines are not “punishment” but “deterrents.” He further expanded on this in the video, expressing that the “government has no real interest in earning money from bad behaviour.”

He stressed that the fines are implemented as a penalty to “prevent bad behaviour” and ensure everyone’s safety, which is the government’s sole interest in enforcing the Road Traffic Act.

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The tweet made, hours ago, has received mixed reactions from people who agree and disagree with the PM. One Twitter user said, “A ppl money u rass wnt u lie fuck,” and another commented, “Like, did he really need to explain this to people? My goodness man…what a dunce ppl we are.”

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Watch the video of Holness speaking below:

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