PM Holness Will Re-examine the new Road Traffic Act After Outcry From Motorists about Child/Baby Seats

The mandatory requirement for child restraint seats in public passenger vehicles will be reexamined in the first weekly review of the new Road Traffic Act (RTA), according to prime minister Andrew Holness. The backtrack and promise amendments by the government came after an outpouring of disgust from motorists and a large section of the public.

Holness made the revelation in a statement he posted to his Instagram account after the government had absorbed increasing criticism regarding the provision, especially since it applies to taxis and other public passenger vehicles.

He also urges law enforcement officers to exercise discretion with regard to child restraint seats.

The leader of the country posted the video with the following caption. “We have decided to make adjustments to the rule that requires all vehicles including public passenger vehicles, to use a Child Restraint System, which might include carrying of a Booster Cushion. The legislative mechanism to formally implement this decision will be taken by the Minister or passed in Parliament at the earliest opportunity.”

As Andrew Holness puts it to the public, the child safety seat requirement aims mainly at ensuring safety on the nation’s roads following last year’s record number of road deaths. According to the prime minister, the new act needs to be reevaluated mainly because of the practical issues it raises.

“The continuous increase in road traffic deaths and injuries has been a major concern for this Government, and the new RTA and its effective enforcement is essential to reducing the risk of fatalities and keeping vulnerable road users safe,” Holness explained.

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As part of Holness’s efforts to improve the implementation of the new RTA, the NRSC has been directed to conduct weekly reviews and reports on the enforcement and effectiveness of the measures as well as any public concerns.

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