“I’m The Baddest Female Artist in Jamaica” Declares Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom tweeted “I’m literally the youngest and the baddest idgaf weh a sell mouth boy or bi**h wah seh! haha watch dis!” She rules her domain and Twitter is Twinkle’s favorite playground.

Jada got personal on Twitter and she is known to be free with her thoughts, on Sunday, November 24, 2019. It wasn’t long after she tweeted again, “I’m one of Jamaica’s baddest female recording artist and that’s on life.”  she wrote.

Jada Kingdom got her breakthrough as an artiste with a hit song “Love Situations” in 2017. She has given her fans more songs such as “Finally”, “Unwanted”, “Wull On”, “Wasteman”, “Execution” and others after her modelling career had grown after she appeared in Sean Kingston’s 2011 track “One A Way”
Jada was dubbed “Jamaica’s alternative voice of pain”, during an interview with Fader Magazine.

She turns emotional trauma into soulful music effectively. The magazine noted that her voice was completely different from anything they had ever heard out of Jamdown. She is positioned as the crossover artiste to watch even though she has not found the big hit song yet.

She believes she is not doing as good as she should on stage and she tweeted, “When I master di stage everything dead!”.

The Jamaican artiste brings her unique emotions to every recording and fans have commended her on her delivery and flow on tracks such as “One Time” and “Banana”.

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