Important Jamaicans that Passed on During 2019

In 2019 many important Jamaicans died, these are the 40 most notable ones:

Dr. Ken Baugh – a Member of Parliament that represented the Jamaica Labour Party, he was once a Minister of Health and suffered for many years as he battled an illness; and had brain surgery done years ago, before he died in September at age 78.

Paul O Beale – 57-year-old the play wright who is responsible for creating the Delcita character that is played by Andrea Wright. He wrote Bashment Granny 2 and 3, The TV production Joint Tenant and other popular productions.

Tony Becka- died in February at 78-year-old after he was being treated for Dengue. He was a Sports Editor at the Jamaica Gleaner Company and was best known for his coverage of Cricket. Covered the Sport for more than 40 years.


Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield- died after he was attacked and murdered in his home at Passley Gardens in Portland. He represented the People’s National Party in East Portland.

Winston Bowen- died in March, a veteran guitarist died of a heart attack at the age of 62. He was a Reggae Premier lead guitarist who played alongside Dean Fraser and other great Jamaican musicians.

Laurie Broderick – the Member of Parliament for North Clarendon, who was a member of the Jamaica Labour Party passed on. He was an Attorney and a former army captain.

Zandrea Bailey – died in a New York hospital, at 29-year-old, after a long battle with Lupus. Her mother had died from the same disease, and Zandrea was diagnosed in 2012; but Zandrea went on to enter the Miss Jamaica Universe Competition after that and was one of the finalists.

Glenmore Brown- the Riddim Master who died at age 75, after he battled renal failure for many years. Died in New York.

Victor Chang- served on many boards at the University of the West Indies for 32 years. He was also a member on many committees and high-level bodies at the university university council and others, before he passed on in December.

Ken Chaplin- passed on at age 89, he has a career in media, it started in 1947 when he was 17-year-old. He did 2 stints as President of the press associayion of Jamaica.

Plum Plum

Tarania Clarke plum plum rehhae girl dead

Tarania Clarke aka “Plum plum” was 20 years old Reggae Girl defender and captained the Water House, female football team. Tarania Clarke was stabbed in Half Way tree once and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Dr. Raymond Clough- died at age 71 after a battle with Cancer

Aston Cooke- died in February, at age 61 an Actor Boy Awardee, who was 61-year-old. He was responsible for writing the first episode of the first successful TV series in Jamaica, in 1985 ‘Oliver Yu Large’ in which Oliver Samuels the famous Jamaican comedian acted.

Noel Dexter- Passed on in August at the age of 80, he was the Director for the UWI Singers. At UWI Mona.

J Ravers- a member of the popular Ravers Crew, died of an undisclosed illness at the age of 21.

Keniesha Brown- who was also known as ‘Keshaun’ a rising star in the dancehall who did songs with Vybz Kartel. Was shot and killed by a man who was said to be her lover.

Rudyard Lawson- died in June at the age of 80, he was an MP in St. Catherine after he defeated Bruce Golding in 1976, but he lost to Everald Warmington in later years.

Beverley Lopez- Head of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) and the Jamaica Exporters Association at another time, in 2002 she was conferred with the Order of Distinction Commander Class. Died in November

Ronald Mason- died in April, at age 72 after battling with colon Cancer. He was a columnist at the Jamaica Gleaner and a Talk Show Host on Nation Wide Radio.

Gordon Phillips- was shot and killed in May, he was a master juggler for the Bob Marley sponsored football team in the 1970’s who converted to Christianity and produced some songs.

Charles Charley Moore- Owner of the first privately owned Transportation Company in Jamaica, “Moore’s Transportation Services Ltd.” Died in March.

Vivienne Perkins- the producer for the Talk Show that her husband Wilmot ‘Mutty’ Perkins was on and the writer of the Dulcimenia Show that was on JBC radio many years ago.

Reinford Pinnock- died at age 84, he was a right-hand bats man and wicket keeper from 1964-1975 on the Jamaican Cricket team. He scored 6 centuries in his career.

Jahmarley Powell- died of a suspected heart attack, he was found on a field in Spaulding, Clarendon. Her was a player on the Super League and Premier League teams and he also played beach football.

Lewy Rankin- Actor, died at age 66 in Ontario Canada, Famous actor

Patrick Pat Roseau – died in April after he was ill for some time, he was WICB President 1996- 2006 and worked at Myers, Fletcher and Gordon. He was instrumental in the signing of 2007 match in the Carribbean.

Dorraine Samuels passed away

Dorraine Samuels- died in March at the age of 59 after a battle with Cancer. She spent a long time on radio and then moved on to Prime-Time News on TVJ. He placed 5th in the Miss Jamaica Competition in 1980 and joined Radio Jamaica not long after.

Hon. Edward Seaga- died on his 89th birthday in a hospital in the US, where he was being treated for Cancer. He was the last surviving member of the formers of the Jamaican Constitution. Former leader of the Jamaica Labour Party and Prime Minister of Jamaica. He was also the longest serving MP on the island, as he represented Tivoli Gardens in the Parliament for 43 years, from 1962 until his retirement in 2005.

Martin Henry- died in May, the Educator and Political Commentator who collapsed not long after he commented on Edward Seaga’s death. He died at 61-year-old and he was a long serving columnist at the Jamaica Gleaner Company.

Glenville Shaw- died in the UK after a long illness, he was a member of the People’s National Party (PNP) who defeated the Jamaica Labour Party’s Neville Gilmore the long-standing politician.

Owen Sinclair- also known as Hurry-Hurry the owner of Sinclair’s Bargain Centre, Died in February. Former custos of Westmoreland.

Franklyn St. Juste- died at 89 years of age, he was awarded for his work in films “The Harder They Come” and “Children of Babylon”.

Mark Stampp- worked for media entities over the years, Jamaica Gleaner Company, X News, the Herald and others. He was found dead at his home in Marverley.

Wendel Stewart- People’s National Party representative from 1997- 2002. Ailing for some time.

Cynthia Thompson- was an Olympian in 1948 and past student St. Hughes High School. She was a one of the four women in the first Jamaican relay team and set a world record in the 200 m heats. Jamaica’s first female finalist in an Olympics event.

Douglas Vaz- a 4 term Member of Parliament and represented the Jamaica Labour Party, he died in November, he was 83-year-old. He was cabinet member Daryl Vaz the current MP for West Portland’s father and.

DJ Venom- whose given name was Raymond Peart fame fm dj was 1 of 2 persons who died in a crash along the Spanish Town By-pass, a UTECH student Abigail Rowe, was the other person who died.

Tony Young- known as Tony TY Young, a broadcasting pioneer who started his career in 1982 at JBC radio on North Street which is now Irie FM, before he went to South Odeon and teamed up with Marlene Stevenson-Daley in the early morning slot on radio.

Sameer Eunis- died at the age of 77 in September after many years of illness. He was President of Jamaica Chamber of Commerce in 1986-1991 and a leading voice of Jamaica’s business community. He was also awarded with one of Jamaica’s highest honours as one of Jamaica;s mose distinguished business leaders.

Edward Zacca- died at age 88, former Chief Justice of Jamaica who was sworn in as Chief Justice by Sir Florizel Glasspole in 1985 Knighted by the Queen. The first Caribbean National to be appointed at the Privy Council.

Ziggy Soul- Reggae Gospel artiste who did many songs, died in December. He was a protoje of Bob Marley, but he had a long battle with an illness and managed to launch his solo career after he became a Christian.

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