INDECOM Confirms, Guns Found After Shoot out Were Issued By the Police

The oversight body for the Jamaica Constabulary Force (INDECOM) or the Independent Commission of Investigations found out that three of the five firearms recovered after the shootout that took place in Spanish Town, St. Catherine belonged to the police.

INDECOM also reported the recovery of a detachable police blue emergency light, two sets of registration plates and another set that was attached to the front and rear of the car.


The Shooting Incident
It is alleged that an off-duty officer witnessed a shooting incident, a man who was identified as Sheldon Daley was shot by Gunmen.

The off-duty Cop challenged them before he chased the white Nissan AD Wagon they were using to get away.
It is alleged that shots were fired from both the getaway vehicle and the off-duty police’s car. The getaway vehicle crashed into a Silver Nissan AD Wagon at the junction of Job lane and Brunswick Avenue.

After the crash more shots were allegedly fired and a man was found in the getaway car, he was Corporal Rohan Williams who later died from injuries caused by shots. Another man identified as Kevron Burrell who was in the silver AD wagon also succumbed to gunshot injuries as well.

Lawmen Involved
Following further investigations it seems as though INDECOM found out that three men in the getaway car were all off-duty officers who were connected to the police force mobile-reserve. The two off-duty officers were detained.
However, one of the detainees, Corporal Kirk Frazer escaped and is being searched for by the police at this time, but the other detainee is still behind bars.

It has also been proven that the white Nissan AD wagon was allocated to the mobile reserve as a service vehicle. The two surviving officers were on bail, as they were allegedly involved in two separate murder cases.

INDECOM is now doing further investigation, as it is important for them to find out why these officers still had access to the vehicle, guns and ammunition that belonged to the police force. They also want to know what was the status of the off-duty officers and why the charged officers were not suspended from full police duty. A report has been requested from the Commissioner of Police about the matter.


INDECOM is also investigating the escape of Corporal Frazer. INDECOM is requiring the full cooperation of the JCF’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, BSI and MID
* To determine how Cpl. Kirk Frazer was able to escape from custody having been detained at the scene; and
* To establish the ownership and provenance of all the firearms recovered in the white Nissan AD wagon.

INDECOM says the inquiry is complex and has the full cooperation of the JCF’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, BSI and MID.

INDECOM has also been asking anyone else who witnessed the shooting incidents to contact them. The off-duty police officer who was brave enough to chase the white AD wagon is now very fearful so it is important for this case to be dealt with as quickly as possible.



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