INDECOM reports 34% jump in Law Enforcers Killings in Jamaica

In a recent press release, the Independent Commission Of Investigations (Indicom), has reported 115 fatal interactions from the security forces, 102 from JCF, 12 from JDF and 1 from DCS.

These numbers amount to a 34% increase in fatal shootings by Jamaica’s law personnel.


The assistant commissioner of the group of independent investigators, Hamish Campbell stated that 92 other persons were shot and injured, which together with the other numbers totals to 207 persons.

In addition to the numbers, 22 of the fatalities were mentally ill persons who according to the commissioner were killed, due to withering members of the public or members of the individual’s family calling the police when a situation could not be contained.

Campbell is urging the body of officers, to review their use of force as there were 250 separate cases of Officers discharging their weapons, even though no one was hurt.

jamaican police cops

The reports for 2020 as given by the assistant commissioner is that there were 1020 complaints made to Indecom, concerning the various armed forces and this mention stated was an effect of the Covid-19 restrictions, put in place by the Government.

As a solution towards the increase of violent interactions between the JCF and civilians, the commission is suggesting better escalation tactics and increasing the usage of body cameras.

On the note of Justice, 17 police and 2 DCS officers were charged for fatal shootings.


Learn more from the video report below.



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