INDECOM Reveals that JA Police Planted Guns on Bodies of several Innocent Individuals

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaicans have been accusing police of planting guns on bodies for many years and now INDECOM the Independent Commission of Investigation has revealed that this is really happening.

It is alleged that the weapons that are taken away from criminals by the police to be used as evidence in Court, have been used to frame innocent persons when they are killed by the police. INDECOM is now saying that this practice should be eradicated from the police force by the persons who are employed to oversee the performance of the officers.

A weapon that was being investigated a month earlier by the forensic laboratory was brought in again by the police, as it was supposed to be taken off another criminal and witnesses were complaining about planting of a firearm in a case.

The lack of proper security at the Armory is causing rogue cops to have access to weapons they can use to carry out many unjust acts. INDECOM is reporting that electronic record keeping is needed for the armory, this will help record keeping to be of a better standard.

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