Infant Kidnapped in St. Andrew on Sunday

The police reported that Nyyear Frank, of Hopewell district, a 5-week-old baby boy has been missing since Sunday.

Nyyear’s mother was walking along Rousseau Road in St. Andrew with the infant, when a motor car with three men in it, drove up and one man came out of the vehicle and pushed the mother and the baby into the car.

The Half-Way-Tree police got the report that the baby was taken from the mother by the men in the car and she was then thrown out of the car. Before the men escaped in the car.

The police at the station in Half-Way-Tree are investigating the case and they are seeking the public’s assistance to find the infant.

Anyone with information that would help the police to find Nyyear Frank is being asked to call 876-926-8184, 119-Police Emergency or 311-Crime Stop or make a report at the nearest Police station.

There have been many similar cases on the island recently, the most popular case was resolved when the person who took the missing infant went to register the baby at the RGD office in Kingston after the baby was stolen at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in the same parish.

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