Info On The Man/Men Reportedly Behind The Recent Big Money Haul And Drug Seizure

Sunday, May 1, 2022, 4:35 PM

Politricks Watch highlighted a past high-level investigation that was launched surrounding Drug Kingpin Leebert Ramcharan, who operated a sophisticated cocaine smuggling operation between 1998 through 2004, which was when he got arrested with his co-defendant in Montego Bay and later extradited to the U.S in 2007.

His drug operation had as much as 15,000 kilos of cocaine being imported from the northern coast of Columbia, stored in Jamaica before being transported to the Bahamas and then imported into the United States for distribution and sale in Florida. His operations were so large that it had the DEA Miami Field Division, the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Columbian National Police, among others, in an international investigation.


Similarly, Leebert’s brother, Norman Ramcharan, who had his operations in Jamaica, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, was also involved in drug trafficking. Norman exported drugs from South Africa and the Caribbean into Europe. He was arrested in London in 2004 for laundering 1.7 million pounds sterling from the proceeds of cocaine trafficking. Norman pleaded guilty to Conspiracy to commit money laundering and following his sentencing, the British Government was seeking to take control of his properties in Jamaica.

In the U.S. Leebert, who was initially given 37 years, along with other drug dealers who were extradited from Jamaica, had their sentencing reduced by entering into plea deals with the U.S prosecutors and gave the names of the local politicians and senior police allegedly involved in the drug trade.

One of the names listed to the U.S prosecutors is Presley Bingham as a major enforcer in organized crimes in Jamaica.

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