Inmate Reacts to High HIV Findings “NOT ALL THE PRISONERS ARE GAY”

Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 1:51 PM

Jamaica News, The Jamaica Gleaner published an article a couple days ago highlighting the growing number of persons who are currently infected with HIV in prisons Locally. A survey done by the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) shows that more and more persons are attracting the deadly virus while behind bars, the surveys were done at three different male adult correctional facilities and one female facility.

Findings showed that the HIV prevalence rate was 6.9 per cent, which is said to be over 100 per cent higher than the 3.3 per cent recorded in the last survey. It was also revealed that 4.5 per cent of the inmates carry the syphilis virus.


Studies also showed that almost half of the infected inmates were married or had been living with a partner before going to prison.

On the heals of this publication some prisoners want to make it be known that these HIV carrying inmates which are usually gays don’t mix with the general population. Common understanding for prisoners is that when you go to prison you are first put in a room with gays and straight persons(Mixed) but after that it’s up to you to aline youself with individuals who or straight or individuals who are gay.

See Full note that was sent to us by an Alleged prisoner via facebook below!

We Quote “VOICE OF THE PRISON . WE WANNA MAKE THIS CLEAR NOT ALL THE PRISONERS ARE GAY . GAYS ARE SEPARATED FROM THE PRISON POPULATION AND ALWAYS UNDER WATCH. And no hiv isnt increasing rapidly gays come here with there hiv and stay there side with it. The media is making it look like gays and the straight are mix its not like that. So help us put out these words thank you. Stacc.” the person will remain anonymous.


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