Insane Shoot-Out Between Women – Watch Video

In a frightening video on Instagram, residents of an undisclosed apartment building were alarmed by the sound of loud explosions. The scene was captured by the security camera at a resident’s door.

The video begins with two people climbing a flight of stairs; one is dressed in a green hoodie and the other in a black one with unidentifiable writings and patterns on it; they also appear to be wearing things that hide their faces.


The person in the green hoodie is also seen clutching a bag tightly as they climb the staircase to the right of the camera frame, while the person in the green hoodie is seen looking down the staircase that they just left; both their figures imply that they are both females.

Instead of fully proceeding to the next floor, the people stopped and once again looked down the stairs, but this time they pulled back in an attempt to hide from something.

Shortly after, two more women are seen coming up the stairs; however, they did not follow the first two up to the next floor; they continued down the hall. The first is seen holding on to a sweater while she and her companion, who appears to be carrying a firearm, walk briskly. The second woman glances back at the stairs before continuing.

Soon after they exited the frame of the camera, the first pair of women rushed down the stairs, following them.

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They were stopped in their tracks, however, by the sound of loud explosions, which were assumed to be gunshots, but not before one of them screamed in terror. Both attackers are seen retreating in an attempt to get to safety as the woman in the green hoodie returns fire.


After the sound of gunshots subsides, a man is seen opening his door to see what is happening outside, but he is forced to go back inside by the sight of what is happening.

Watch the viral video below:



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