Inside the Benz SUV that Crashed While Speeding Along Toll Road – Video

Footage showing inside the Mercedez Benz GLE 400 that crashed as a result of speeding along the north-to-south coast toll road was uploaded to social media on Saturday.

The short video clip highlights the extent of the damage outside and shows that the damage is not as severe inside when compared to outside the vehicle.

While outside of the high-end vehicle shows that it has been through the toughest of times, with sections ripped apart, inside the vehicle looks less chaotic with airbags deployed and glass splinters all over the place, however, no other major damage can be seen inside except for the disfigured roof.

As per the filmmaker, the occupants of the vehicle made it out safe, “2024 Mercedez Benz, crash pan di highway and everybody come out alive… airbag all over”.

Check out the extent of the damage below:

See previously shared images of the outside of the vehicle, while it was at the crash site below:

In case you missed the original video, check it out below:

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