Intence and Iwaata Rising Dancehall Stars

Intence and Iwaata have been buzzing since 2019, performing at many places on the island so that the people can get to know them and they are continuing their work, they are not where they want to go, but they are thankful for where they are. 

In a recent interview with Winford Willims on OnstageTv they say the school children are their main audience and whenever there are events at schools, they perform on a lot of them.


They say they are building on what they came up and saw in the dancehall and mixes that with what is going on now. They are 90’s babies and they want to be good role models for the youth.

They are conscious of the fact that music influences behaviour and they are trying to produce positive music. 

Both Intence and Iwaata, however, pointed out that they are not doing music for one set of people, so not all of the songs will be clean.

They also mentioned that they don’t want the youth to glamorize and glorify what is bad for them. 

Both Intence and Iwaata are planning to do a lot of Caribbean shows starting off in St. Kitts and Nevis, they explain that their songs are doing well in other islands as well.

Intence and Iwaata are new arrivals in dancehall and they are moving together, promoters are booking both of them at the same time, even though they say they are not a duo.


They explains that they will stay on the positive side for their own children and their peers are looking up to them.


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