Intence Disses Badda Bling Because of This… Bling Responds

October 29, 2020 12:29 PM

Young Dancehall artiste, Intence is looking to be one of the frontrunners of the genre and he Is not saving any of his enemies in his fight to the top.

He recently fired direct shots at well-known sound selector Badda Bling, in a recent song entitled “meditation”, produced by Jus di vibes production. This came months after the intense artiste told another popular selector “foota hype” to suck his mother.


The line that struck Badda Bling was “nuff time mi see dem fight me, chat a Bagga ting, all pon soundclash, battyman Badda Bling”.

Here’ the Song: Intence holds a “Meditation” in New Music Video

The full depth of the story was not known however until Badda Bling gave his side to the story.

In a live social media video, the selector said he did indeed disrespect Intence at a Red Bull soundClash as the “Yeng Boss” was on the opposing team.

He further commented that it was nothing to be taken seriously as it’s music. Bling even stated that Intence and his friends have been to the “badda tuesdays” several times after the clash.

The selector did not take this disrespect lightly as he said he has no reason to bad mind Intence.


He even gave a message and a warning to the “Pull up” artiste telling him to work and stop attracting negativity.

To warn him Bling said Intence is bad but he is mad so he must be careful.

Watch Bling’s response below.


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