Intence drops “Yah Now” Music Video Amidst All-Day-Lockdown

March 28, 2021 5:46 PM

Young Dancehall star, Intence has dropped a banger amid Sunday’s all-day lockdown, and fans are having a great time listening to it as the views are speedily climbing. The song is entitled “Yah now” and is produced by Halcyon and Deeclef music.

The banging track speaks about the feelings the young deejay, is currently going through, and in the chorus of the song, he sings about the exalted state of his emotions when he hears the place tearing up with his songs.


He also contrasts the exciting feeling with humbleness by stating that all the fight that people fight him he is still proud to be where he is at in the music, and with that being said he lives a life that does not include anything close to boredom.

In the first verse, Intence ensures he makes it clear that he is no idiot, and he keeps protected wherever he chooses to go.

In the same verse the “Go hard” deejay outlined himself as public enemy number one which also was the name of one of his most recent song featuring his mentor Govana, however regardless of the dangers of everyday life, he lives in a way that allows him to forget being poor.

In the second verse, he expressed that he is his boss and that sometimes he just has to have his phone on airplane mode, due to the number of things he has to do. Intence also spoke of his son and his mother’s needs, as some of his priorities he has to take up in his hands as a man which adds up to the grand feeling he is currently experiencing.

A lot of fans already hold the new song by the”Yeng Boss”, to be very sincere and similar to things the “vendetta boss”, Alkaline would sing about which is a great pulling factor in his music as listeners all across the world enjoy the “Yung Lawd’s” music.

Watch the full music video below.



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