Intence Gives 100k to Man Who Asked for Payment for Using His Speech in New Song – Video

Dancehall artiste Intence made sure that the man whose speech he used in his latest song titled ‘SHH’ got paid. The payment of 100,000JMD comes on the heels of the man putting out a video on social media requesting payment.

In his initial video, ‘Preecha’ who is from Morant Bay, St. Thomas expressed that he’s a man of many words and phrases and he would be thankful if the ‘Yeng Boss’ Bless him with some money for the feature.

Preecha outlined that he was not requesting a specific amount and was leaving it up to the artiste to use his “discretion” and “godly heart” with regard to the amount he wanted to give for using his “talk”.

He stated, “Intence a me a the man weh said, ‘i can take you to car mart, i can gi yo shrimp, i can gi yo substance, i can gi yo lobster’.. all those words are coming out of me…. i’m live from Morant Bay i’m just a hustler a trying man with excellent part of speech.”

See the initial video below:

In a follow-up video, the same man gives thanks to the deejay with a bunch of cash in his hand. He is noticeably dressed in the same clothes, however, untidily dressed when compared to the first video, at what seems to be a different location.

“Intence i want to thank you very much for this… i lift my hat to you and i salute you sir,” he states to the camera before declaring that he has “100 thousand” in hand.

Back in January, Jada Kingdom paid another Tiktoker, Derrick, after using his speech in her song’s intro as well.

After Derrick’s demands, Jada later confirmed that she had paid the social media personality. While she shared that she had given him “fat piece a food,” she did not provide details.

Amid rumours that he was paid $1 million for the intro, Derrick revealed what he actually got paid during a livestream. According to Derrick, Jada sent him US$1500 for using his voice in her intro, or approximately JM$ 233,060.

On the other hand, the TikToker, known as dame_lee_, recently made a request via video where she not only sought payment from Jada but also requested compensation from social media personality Swiss Lee for using her speech in their content.

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