Intence Got Invited to High School in Cayman Islands and Parents Are Upset

June 28, 2021

School administrators came under fire at the John Gray High School in the Cayman Islands because Intence was invited to speak at a special function that was held at the institution.

The students who were addressed by Intence whose given name is Tashawn Gabbidon, were a part of the Boys 2 men mentorship program.


Students turned out in droves when they heard the artiste would be there. They wanted to see the ‘Go Hard’ singer. Many were screaming and crying after getting to touch the dancehall star through a car window.

However, he could only speak for a short time as it was a lunchtime event and he seemed to be uncertain of the school’s name, but he told the students to stay in school, stay focus, work hard and smart. Before he was whisked away by his security team. 

Watch the footage below.


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