Interesting Things You Would Like to Know About Jamaica’s Miss World Toni-Ann Singh

Thursday, December 26, 2019, 12:06 PM GMT-5

Toni-Ann Singh the 23-year-old Jamaican beauty Queen who won Miss World 2019 is a dancer and advocate for mental health awareness. Who does many things when she is not handling pageant duties; she likes to sing, vlog, volunteer and cook.

Singh not only exudes beauty with a purpose, she won the hearts of many persons across the world when they tuned in to watch the pageant on Saturday morning, with her confidence and her great talent. The Bath, St. Thomas, native is multi-faceted and there is so much to learn about the reigning Miss World.

1. The talented Queen can sing classical opera quite nicely!

2. She was living in Florida for over 14 years and recently returned to Jamaica.

3. She is very passionate about female empowerment and graduated recently from the Florida State University, where she was awarded with a degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies.

toni ann singh  miss jamaica world 2019 parents mother and father
Toni ann singh’s parents, mother and father

4. During the year when she had a gap – having taken a break from pursuing her master’s degree– Singh became Miss World 2019, and she is the fourth Jamaican to receive this coveted title.

5. The nicely designed all-white dress she wore on the night when she was crowned, was a custom design from Uzuri International.

6. Singh bust out with a move to the popular Jamaican dance move Toast, while Koffee’s hit song “Toast” played in the background, during the Dances of The World introductory section of the pageant.

Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica in london miss world 2019

7. Toni-Ann was always showing her talent on the popular show “Kids time Praise” in her early years, she sang junior renditions of the popular children’s Gospel songs.

8. A future in singing? In an interview with broadcaster and media personality Piers Morgan, Singh said “…if the door is open, I’ll walk through it.”

9. She also said “we’re not always honest about confidence. “It’s not that I’m just so confident and I’m not afraid, it’s that I’ve decided that something is more important than this fear. When I’m on the stage I’m letting girls know, that I’m scared, but I’m still here.”

10. The first time she sang, she was in a choir in Kingston, Jamaica at the Andrew’s Memorial Seventh Day Adventist Church.

11. Even though it is hard to believe, walking in six-inch heels was not easily done by Toni-Ann, who mastered the art with confidence and poise, her runway coach Sway Caribbean Model Agency CEO Jermaine Dyer did a good job.

12. Covergirl Jamaica, was her primary sponsor to the competition in Jamaica.

Watch an emotional Toni-Ann here talking on her return to Jamaica…

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