Investigation Launched after the Trimming of Teen’s Dreadlocks – Video Report

Tuesday, August 3, 2021, 12:14 AM GMT-5

According to the JCF, a team is currently investigating the facts surrounding the matter of allegations that a young woman, 19 years old was trimmed by the police after she was taken into the station. The mother of the young female outlines that it was a fellow female who cut her daughter’s locks while she was in lockup.

According to the young lady, she was on her way from school one day in a taxi when the police pulled over the cab, one thing led to another after the taxi driver did not obey the police’s command, she was subsequently pepper-sprayed. The young lady outlines that she vented in a rant to the police while on the scene, because of this she was arrested by the police and taken into police custody.

Now the teen and her mother is asking Jamaica to help thing get justice out of the situation, “Yuh cut me hear fi nuh reason,” says the young lady, “the hair is a part of me, a women’s hair is her beauty.”

Learn more from the video report below.

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