Is Krystal Tomlinson Letting Go Of Beenie Man Or Politics?

It is almost the end of the year, and Krystal Tomlinson, says she is committed to letting go anything that does not serve her greater good.

The statement was made via an Instagram post by the budding politician, who also stated that not because she started something, means that she has to be the one to finish it.


The post went on with Tomlinson seemingly reminding herself not to fight for the wrong things, as she Is a “beautiful warrior”.

She also said that the only thing that is worth fighting for is peace and mind, self-talking to herself to let go and make room for more.

The post is already sparking controversy, as most people are suggesting that Krystal was talking about her relationship with Dancehall veteran Beenie man.

Followers of Tomlinson in their assumptions jumped in the comments saying things like ” If you fed up you boyfriend let him go”, and “damn thought agent 13 would have stayed” with 13 symbolising the fact that the young politician is the 13th baby mother for Beenie.

In contrast to the assumptions being thrown in the air, however, both “The King of the dancehall” and Krystal, posted photos on Instagram with them kissing. Krystal’s caption was “love”.

That last development has now stirred up other assumptions, with some saying that her relationship might not be the issue, suggesting that the post probably was about her involvement in Politics.

Since recently the young Politician has given her support to Lisa Hanna in the run for the PNP presidency so now people are wondering what might have happened.

If Krystal is not talking about her relationship or politics, it remains a mystery what she could have been talking about and leaves many unanswered questions.

See their most recent picture together below.

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