Is Shane O Getting Mad? Or Is He About To Drop A Music Video

A recent video featuring dancehall artiste Shane O has been circulating the internet, which has fans worried about the entertainer’s mental health. The “Take it to tell me” artiste was spotted in the streets, with his clothes all torn up skimping through the garbage in a gully, as if he was searching for food or something that he lost.

The footage even showed the deejay wearing two different slippers, which only a mad man would do.

Fans have been extremely worried, and some persons even posted the video asking for help for Shane O, in any way possible, even if it is a prayer.

In the same viral video with the “Last days” artiste, the voices of the persons filming him could be heard blaming his condition on the music, however, there are still many fans who are not subscribing to the idea that the entertainer is mad.

Many of his listeners are rather saying that the move is a publicity stunt for an upcoming video, and so they have been urging him to drop the song.

The last time the artiste posted on his Instagram page was 5 days ago, and at that time he looked clean and sane so it is a puzzling tale, as to what is taking place with Shane-O at this time.

Check out the estrange video below posted by Queen Nikki.

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