Isat Buchanan ‘Chat too Much’?

Many of Vybz Kartel’s fans are of the view that lead attorney, Isat Buchanan is doing too much talking online surrounding the deejay’s legal battles.

Notably, before the appeal at the UK Privy Council, the outspoken attorney has been vocal online, making disparaging comments about the DPP Paula Llewellyn at one point, and he has continued his online endeavours following the appeal being “quashed”.

In one of his latest appearances online, Isat detailed that one of Vybz Kartel’s biggest nemesis, Sir P, is a “police” he also stated that he’s not expecting a retrial, he also detailed suing the government if Kartel and the co-accused men walk free is not on top of the priority because it’s Jamaicans who would have to pay in such instance.

Despite many fans praising the son of ‘Big Youth’ for his achievement in helping the Gaza deejay to overturn his murder conviction, on the other hand, many of the deejay’s most loyal fans have been vocal, disagreeing with the lawyer talking on the matter every chance he gets.

One of the latest fans to lash out at the lawyer is Prettii Don via her YouTube rant, “Isat Buchanan mi ago want yuh top e noise enuh, yuh a duh too much interview from wah day!”

In support of the lawyer one person commented under the video, “Isat Buchanan has represented vybzkartel as extremely professional, and because he’s a kartel lawyer, he’s bound to get a fight from the system.”

On the other hand, a fan on Instagram wrote, “#freekartel but as a lawyer wit a case this sensitive u fi learn fi say less . Chat to much.”

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