Isat Buchanan Confirms Kartel’s Interview was Done at St. Catherine Adult Remand Centre

Friday, August 20, 2021, 12:50 PM GMT-5

The released prison interview that Fox 5 news conducted with the incarcerated “King Of Dancehall” has many fans intrigued about how it could have been done as well as others feeling sentimental, due to the conditions that the entertainer spoke about in his responses to Evers from the popular newsgroup.

According to “Di Teacha’s” lawyer, Isat Buchanan, the interview was done a while ago while the entertainer was still at the St. Catherine Adult Remand Centre in Spanish Town. The entertainer’s attorney said that Kartel was transferred to the Horizon Remand Centre, a little after the interview was done as the Ministry of Security, said they had security concerns where the deejay is concerned.

Isat has stated, however, that whatever concerns they have that they claim to also be investigating, is just for a show and has no real basis behind it.

Buchanan also highlighted that Vybz Kartel is unable to get family visits in recent times.

It seems as if the system has been doing anything under their power to cool the deejay, with even him stating so in the Fox 5 interview when he answered a question explaining β€œTo be honest, the system wanted me thrown away. It was never about me being charged for murder. It was about getting rid of Vybz Kartel, not Adijah Palmer the person,” the entertainer expressed.

In the same interview, he spoke about the fact that over the past few years he had been ill, showing up the fact that the system has not even considered his health.

Throughout all his trials, Vybz Kartel has been strong, stating that he has written thousands of songs as a way to ease his mind from the pressures, and is now looking for everything to wind down so he can get a grasp of his freedom.

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