Isat Buchanan Says “It was not a bail application”

Thursday, May 30, 2024, 7:20 PM

Vybz Kartel’s lead attorney, Isat Buchanan did a live stream after Thursday’s ruling in Kingston at the Supreme Court, about three hours after the habeas corpus application was rejected, in the stream outspoken lawyer talked on the day’s proceedings.

At the beginning of his live stream, Buchanan commended the judge, Supreme Court Justice Andrea Thomas who was overseeing the hearing, “I respect the mind of Justice Thomas, I respect her a whole lot, I’m happy that she considered the matter,” he stated.

Isat Buchanan | Context matters

Buchanan also stated, “It was not a bail application, we knew going into the matter that bail wasn’t an option because your government amended the bail act after the hearing date was set for Mr. Palmer, you need to know that.”

As per Isat Buchanan, the judge gave a ruling on the matter “expeditiously”, he went on to hint that the rejection may be further argued at a higher court level. He also outlines that the focus will next turn to June 10 when the pre-trial hearing will start.

Notably, prosecutors argued, during the hearing that the quashing of the convictions did not mean that the accused men were acquitted, the decision only reverted the men to their previous status before the trial, declaring that the murder charges are still “live”.

The accused men will next appear in the Jamaica Court of Appeal in a couple of weeks, to decide whether or not the four men should be released or retried for Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams’ 2011 murder.

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In the live stream, Buchanan also talked to opposition leader, Mark Golding, who after talking about his dual citizenship status, gave his opinion on working with the UK Privy Council in the future vs the Caribbean Court of Justice. He also suggests that the CCJ might have set Kartel free.

Watch the full live stream below:

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