Isat Buchanan: Sir P is a “Police” and DPP not Bias, Talks Spending 10yrs in Prison, Vybz Kartel and more – Watch Interview

Isat Buchanan, lead attorney for Vybz Kartel, shared his interesting journey from being a convict in the United States to playing a pivotal role in one of Jamaica’s most talked-about legal battles. The son of the iconic Reggae artiste Big Youth, Buchanan’s life story is a testament to resilience and transformation.

Early Trials and Transformation

Buchanan‘s earlier years were marked by turbulence. After being deported from the United States following a decade-long imprisonment for cocaine possession—a substance he refers to as “the white lady”—he made a dramatic career pivot. Choosing to immerse himself in the legal field upon his return to Jamaica, Buchanan embarked on a path that would lead him to the heart of one of the country’s most high-profile legal cases.

A New Chapter in Legal Advocacy

Fast forward to the present, Buchanan finds himself at the center of Vybz Kartel’s legal saga, overturning the dancehall star’s murder conviction. Buchanan’s unique perspective, shaped by his own experiences with the justice system, brings a nuanced understanding to Kartel’s case. He maintains a critical stance on the issue of jury misconduct, highlighting the absence of evidence linking his clients to jury tampering and expressing scepticism about the truthfulness of “juror X.”

The Case and Beyond

With Vybz Kartel and his co-accused awaiting a pivotal court ruling—potentially leading to a retrial or complete exoneration—Buchanan sheds light on the complexities of the legal process. He acknowledges the significant financial and emotional toll of bringing the case to the Privy Council.

Isat Buchanan | Vybz Kartel

The DPP Paula Llewellyn was also brought up in the interview, according to Buchanan, the DPP has not been ‘biased’ in her actions towards Vybz Kartel and the co-accused. Despite his critical role in the legal battle, Buchanan maintains a balanced perspective on his adversarial relationship with the DPP, Paula Llewellyn, denying any personal animosity and emphasizing the professionalism that governs their interactions.

He also noted that the Privy Council sending the case back to Jamaica to be determined is a move he views as a testament to the respect for Jamaica’s legal system.

A Voice of Reason in Public Discourse

In his conversation with podcast host Jaii Frais, Buchanan also addressed his interactions with Jamaican Vlogger Sir P. Despite being a target of the vlogger’s criticisms, Buchanan chooses a path of restraint and respect, recognizing Sir P’s role in providing entertainment and stirring public dialogue, he also joked about Sir. P calling him “I-sprat”.

Despite the showing of respect for the vlogger, Buchanan stated that the vlogger is a “police” turned into a “village lawyer”.

A Legacy of Advocacy

Reflecting on his journey, Buchanan takes pride in being the first ‘rasta man’ to represent a client in the Privy Council, marking a significant milestone in his career and in the broader context of legal representation in Jamaica. His list of top lawyers, shared during the interview, and his leadership of a firm that includes several other attorneys, underscores his influence and commitment to the legal profession.

As the legal saga surrounding Vybz Kartel continues to unfold, Isat Buchanan stands as a figure of resilience, demonstrating how personal redemption can pave the way for profound contributions to justice and advocacy in Jamaica.

Vybz Kartel and the co-accused men are currently awaiting a ruling regarding their case, whether or not there will be a retrial or they will walk free. If they are freed, Buchanan highlighted that suing the ‘system’ is not their main priority because, in the end, Jamaican people would have to pay off a settlement.

Watch the full interview below:

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