Ishawna Speaks On Oral Sex With Jamaican Men, Bounty Killer, PM Holness And Ed Sheeran Collaboration On ‘Trick Daddy I Got My Pots’ – Watch Video

August 7, 2022

Ishawna was featured on a popular podcast called ‘Trick Daddy I Got My Pots‘, where she touched on trending topics such as her collaboration with British popstar Ed Sheeran, oral sex, and the controversial performance featuring Bounty Killer, as well as Prime Minister (PM), Andrew Holness at Reggae Sumfest.

The Jamaican female entertainer recently did an international collaboration that featured Ed Sheeran for a single titled ‘Brace It‘. She divulged that five years ago she did a remixed rendition of his track, ‘Shape of You‘, which caught his attention. She said this resulted in receiving clearance for her single, ‘Equal Rights‘ and also the song that they have today.


In speaking about the taboo topic of oral sex amongst men in Jamaica, Ishawna said that several of these men are “fake” mad, yet are active participants in the act. The host, Trick Daddy then urged the men to admit that they like eating the buff, to which she agreed and said, “yes, love it, enjoy it, them enjoy it”.

Furthermore, arising from the highly controversial stunt that the ‘Equal Rights‘ entertainer pulled at Reggae Sumfest which involved veteran deejay Bounty Killer and PM Holness, the host delved into this topic without hesitation.

“What’s the beef with you and Bounty Killer and the Prime Minister?” one of the hosts asked.

Ishawna responded that there is no beef with the entertainer and that the stunt was for entertainment. She went on to say that when the song ‘Equal Rights‘ was recorded, he tried to build a campaign against it. But regardless of this, she shared that she is open to recording a song with the “Five Star General” and also gave him a shout-out in the end. “Big up Bounty Killer, straight,” she said.

She then expressed that the raunchy performance involving the Prime Minister was also for entertainment for her song, “Single and Quarantined,” which spoke about her sexual frustrations during the mandated COVID-19 quarantine period by the Government.

The full interview of Trick Daddy and Ishawna can be watched on YouTube below:


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