“It’s a Stressful Situation” Usain Bolt Finally Speaks Out About SSL Fraud – Watch Video

January 27, 2023

Stocks and Securities Limited’s (SSL) window to repay Usain Bolt’s missing multi-million dollar investment into their company has officially closed, with the deadline scheduled for January 27. As the brokerage firm’s chance to refund Bolt without his team taking legal action passed, the former sprinter has finally spoken out about the massive fraud scandal.

Bolt attended the Gibson McCook Relays launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Friday. During his speech, he acknowledged the importance of the Gibson Relays for young athletes and made it clear that he would always love his country, no matter what was happening currently.


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“No matter what’s going on right now, Jamaica is my country, and that will never change. And I will always love my country and always do everything in my power to uplift this country,” Bolt stated.

The Olympic champion spoke to the press briefly after his speech and shared his thoughts about the ongoing SSL fraud investigation. Bolt disclosed that it has been tough, but he tries to stay focused on his family, he also detailed that he has tried “not to think too much about it because it’s a stressful situation”. Speaking on SSL’s now-reached deadline and his possible lawsuit, Bolt said that people should give it time and see what happens.

Not wishing to say too much about the Jamaican financial system or the government’s handling of SSL, Bolt went on to express that he shared a similar standpoint to that of the public that it did not look good.

The sprint legend laughed off assumptions that he’s now broke but explained that it impacted him and that he has many financial responsibilities.

“I’m not broke, but it’s definitely put a damper on me. It was for my future. Everybody knows I have three kids. I’m still looking after my parents, and I still want to live very well,” Bolt stated.


During his interview with the press, Bolt also clarified that the split from his business manager, Norman Peart, was not amicable and, contrary to Peart’s past statements, he had been fired. Peart was reportedly questioned by investigators from the Police Fraud Squad in relation to the SSL fraud investigation.

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It was previously reported that emails had allegedly been sent from a member of Bolt’s team giving authorization for the movement of a number of stocks from Bolt’s account to another account at SSL.


Watch the videos below.

Video – The Jamaica Observer
Video – The Jamaica Observer



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