Usain Bolt’s Ex-Team Member Withdrew Millions from his SSL Account According to New Reports

After the first piece of document surfaced to support the reports that Olympic Champion Usain Bolt had an account at SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) under the name of a liabilities company by the name of Welljen, more alleged evidence of mismanagement seems to be pouring into the light.

According to multi-award winning Broadcast Journalist Abka Fitz-Henley, between the years 2012 and 2018, most of the money that was put into Bolt’s account through Welljen at SSL was taken out.


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Somewhere in the region of 90% of the $US6 million, was reportedly removed after emails authorizing the withdrawal of the investment were sent/received. Welljen Limited, owned by Bolt, is said to be a registered company that is located in St. Lucia, on the first floor of Bourbon St. in Castries.

It was alleged that wealth advisor Jean Panton, who bore witness to the opening of the account in April of 2012, is the manager of Welljen’s account at SSL.

Further documentation also revealed that there was an internal money transfer of US$50,749.19, which is approximately nine million Jamaican dollars, on June 11, 2021, from Bolt’s account. The transfer was made to an ex-member of the retired sprinter’s team and was reportedly signed off on via an email bearing the name of the ex-team member.

The more or less US$50 thousand which was transferred to the former member, was purportedly used to buy securities in fixed income and equities, from the account of the member where the funds were sent to. Reports state that forensic investigations into the validity of the authorization email of the transferred funds is underway.

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Other transactions that are said to be under evaluation are the transfer of Welljen’s stocks in Meta, Google, and Apple to multiple different accounts, including a beneficiary who was recorded as bearer. The reallocation of the funds was alleged to have been signed off on, subsequent to an email authorization mailed to manager Jean Panton from an address that was stamped with the name of the ex-member of Bolt’s team.

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