“It’s My Life” Woman PLEADS For Boyfriend Who VICIOUSLY STABBED Her To Be RELEASED From Lockup – Video

Having suffered from serious stab wounds inflicted by her abusive partner, Stephina Ralston proclaimed her commitment to the abuser and their relationship. Stephina, the victim, argued for his release from police custody, claiming that the two would from there, be able to work on their relationship. She found the current detention of her beau, to be a waste of time.

The seriously wounded victim had this to say to a Gleaner reporter, “It’s my life and I choose what I want in my life… I don’t want to waste the court’s time and I don’t want the case to go any further.”

The victim also expressed that, “It’s time now for my partner to be out… Everybody makes mistakes that’s it.”

One person who checked out the story commented, “She’s sending a bad message to the perpetrators and survivors of domestic violence” while another stated, “Won’t be surprised if he ends up killing her. After she pleaded with God to not let her die smh Hopefully she smartens up & stops the foolishness”.

Check out the bizarre interview below with the estrange female.

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