Ivany Reveals the Face of Her Newborn Son and Details New Fallout with Howie – Watch Video

Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 5:20 PM GMT-5

Following the birth of her son, social media personality Ivany Wright has revealed the face of the newborn and detailed the new issues she has been facing with her child’s father, Howie.

Ivany shared the news of her son’s birth on Christmas Day, releasing photos of her, Howie, and their son on an Instagram page created for the newborn. Though the infant’s face was not revealed, Ivany shared the baby’s name, Ivontae Zaire Johnson, but his name has since been changed.

Ivany revealed her son’s face to the public on Tuesday and, during a livestream, detailed the issues she has been having with Howie since his birth, with his name change currently being one of them. According to the controversial TikToker, Howie changed the baby’s first name to Zaire, but she chose not to make it into a huge problem.

However, Ivany expressed that her major issue with Howie is centred around the feeding of their infant son. Ivany recalled that after feeding the baby, Howie consistently dismissed her suggestions later that he needed to be fed again in the hours that followed, even if he was sleeping.

Besides her intuition, Ivany said that she was later advised by a doctor that the baby indeed needed to be fed, even if it meant waking him up. In addition to confirming when the infant needed to be fed, Ivany shared that the doctor also showed how to breastfeed the newborn or feed him via a spoon.

This led to another disagreement between her and Howie, as the pair disagreed on whether the baby needed to be fed again after the doctor left. Ivany went on to express that Howie intended to control everything that truly upset her, especially because he had not been supportive.

According to Ivany, Howie also accused her of being rude to her doctors, as she was texting while they examined her. But she explained that Howie hardly allowed her to speak to her physicians, as he immediately answered any question asked. Further infuriated by his persistence to control what she did with her baby, Ivany said she demanded that he leave.

Addressing Howie’s declarations that he will seek full custody of his child, Ivany shared that she has retained a lawyer and is ready to go to court. Sharing his side of the story, Howie accused Ivany of not caring about their son as much as he does. He also expressed that all he wanted was to be there for the birth of his child and said he has all the evidence he needs to fight for his baby.

Watch the video below.

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