Ivany Speaks Out from Jail Again “This gone be a fight!”

A day after phone call recordings were made public, more audio has surfaced of Ivany Wright speaking angrily about her current predicament and her baby.

In this new recording, Ivany reveals that her baby father is trying to get custody of her baby ‘Ice’, however, Ivany states she’s not having it and it will only happen over her dead body.


Ivany is currently facing four charges. As per reports online, her first court date is set for May 9, 2024.

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In the new recording, Ivany outlines, “Not’n beat God and as long as mi blow breath pan dis yah earth yah, dem cah get Ice, the only way them ago get Ice, the only way dem ago get Ice, dem afi go put me six feet deep.”

She next states, “Mi nah go dung widout a fight cah my son and mi a si to it seh dem nuh get my son so this gone be a fight.”

In another released audio, RT Boss talks to Ivany, telling her to beware of spiritual warfare from her baby father’s mother. On the other hand, Rt Boss is spearheading a team on Tiktok to collect money on Ivany’s behalf for her legal expenses.

Check out the audio below:

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