Ivany’s Booking Info Updated!

Last week, Ivany Wright‘s ‘Total Bond Amount’ was at $2,100.00. Now her ‘Total Bond Amount’ is at 0.00. This latest update was made this week by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office Jail in the United States.

“Zero bond” or 0.00 means that no bond or bail has been set for the defendant to be released.

Screenshot 2024 04 17 at 1.26.41 PM

Ivany who is from St. Mary in Jamaica has been in jail since April 4, 2024, after receiving multiple charges, including making terroristic threats and property damage.

Ivanys Booking Info Updated

Notably, nothing else seems to have been updated. Ivany is expected to attend court soon.

See the earlier info, showing $2,100.00 for her bond below:

image 87

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